Before You Say “Lifting is Boring”

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“Lifting is boring”. “I can never stick with a plan”. “I need my workouts to always change or I won’t do them”.

Is this you? 👀 It’s okay if it is!

The desire for variability and workouts being intense + exciting is what brings many people to fitness especially group fitness. & ends up leaving the non “I’m in love with the barbell” people confused how anyone could get into such a thing when it’s just …So .. BORING.

I challenge this by saying that lifting is not boring. But it can be simple. & it should be repeatable to some degree. Doing the same workout weekly doesn’t mean it’ll never change & doesn’t mean you can’t have enjoyment factored into that. You can and should!

Three big things I see that lead to this that are relatively easy fixes so you can join us on the dark side 😈

👉🏻 Are you lifting in a way you enjoy? While from the outside looking on it seems like “lifting is just lifting”. But that isn’t true! Power lift, body build, Olympic lift, athlete style sport supporting lifting, CrossFit, kettlebells, strong man, or you own desired mix of them all are well, LIFTING. Find one that excites you and loads you.

👉🏻 Understanding WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Of course training feels stupid/trivial:boring when you have no idea why you’re doing what you’re doing. Both with the intention of your actual goals AND with understanding of the why behind. Some people want to know alllll the details, others just want to be told what to do but know it will get them the outcomes they desire. Figure out which you are & get curious!

👉🏻 The big one … are you actually using challenging weights or just going through the motions 👀. Think about why you love high intensity. Because they’re hard + that is mentally exciting. You can have the same in your lifting! Promise! When I’m in a hard set of anything— your brain is stimulated like crazy. Load it up.

Want a program that does this for you? Look no further my friends. The Lyss Method loads you + teaches you + has enough variety for you to make progress while also having fun.

We’d love to have you 👊🏻

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