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When it comes to hybrid training or simply being a runner who uses lifting to support your training + health I often see this mistake.

Our legs are sore and fatigued and tired and we just wanna RUN without that being an issue. But within our training we’re ….

1) changing the lifts or moves weekly based on some random fitness program = soreness from the constant novelty. Doing the same lift week after week WILL help reduce the soreness / fatigue you get from training. It’s why our RACE program blocks are also longer than normal TLM blocks. 💪🏻

2) Skip lifts cause gaps in training = soreness and fatigue when Novel or added again. Soreness is often related to simply doing something NEW or not being adapted to it. You’re far better adjusting each week by RPE than taking this approach!

3) Swapping their lifting for high rep low weight lifting to make it “running friendly” or easier and “less fatiguing”. But this back fires for two big reasons. ONE — you don’t need some magic sport specific training. You already do enough high rep low weight IN your running. And TWO— doing more reps may actually be increasing your volume. Guess what contributes to fatigue or soreness? VOLUME. Guess what we need to manage to help recovery + “doing both”? VOLUME!

Runners or hybrid focused trainees need lower strength focused work. This is beneficial too because while the intensity is higher — the volume is lower. This is a WIN WIN.

You’re training endurance outside the gym. So while you’re in there focus on 1) strength 2) power and 3) accessories that support you. These can be done in the 6-8 or 8-10 range @ RPE 7-8.

If you use RPE with your training, it’s okay to drop that to a steady 7 toward the end of training. Or simply reduce weight in response to RPE creeping up or bar speed slowing down as your running or endurance volume increases.

It’s far easier to maintain vs try to gain here as well. Save your body building or volume phases for your off season after you’re recovered.

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