Save this as a steady reminder + share your own you may have below!⁣

Today after my workout I kept thinking about how many little things I have done for years on years have compounded into some incredible things.⁣

How much each inch adds up to a mile.⁣

But I know when you’re first starting or in a tough season of life it feels impossible to think past that moment.⁣

As my community, I want to say in SEE YOU.

I listen to you.
I read your comments.
I read your messages.
I read your story box replies. ⁣

I want you to know if you ever think you are alone in this you aren’t. 1000’s of others here are feeling and experiencing the same things.⁣

So, based off this I wanted to share the 9 best reminders that I felt so many of you may need.⁣

All the fitness advice, good workouts and science is great.

But we’re human too. And sometimes we need a little reminder to keep our focus on what’s important. And to simply keep going.⁣

So, remember – You aren’t trying to be a fit person you ARE one. You make choices and live and work like you are one. You do the boring work because it has high pay off. You use sleep as your bio hack. You crush simple but good food even if it sometimes feels scary. You don’t listen to the distracting lies. And you are deserving of rest!⁣

Hey, chin up — crush this week! 💪🏻

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