How Active Am I, Part II

Lets … try this again. Sometimes on here it feels like no matter how hard you try to answer a common question / well enough enough answers are not provided. So round 2 😂🤘🏻

To follow up what I was getting at in my previous post / IGTV follow up (saved in my IGTV tab I have a resistance band around my legs as the cover).

THERE IS NO PERFECT or special way to go “well what if I walk X steps daily but am working out 2 days hard and 1 day low and spin around on my head for 15 min each Tuesday”.

Activity factors are nothing more than rough estimations for 1) calorie needs 2) carbohydrates/ protein need 3) classifying an individuals exercise or movement status.

Simply figure out which category MAKES THE CLOSEST OR MOST SENSE FOR YOU! Start there. There is likely overlap between these and not every person on earth fits into perfect little boxes.

You can be highly active for training but work a sedentary job this doesn’t mean you are sedentary. But factor that as part of it. You’re LESS active than someone working out just as much but on their feet all day, but not inactive. Etc etc.

Daily Steps are important for health. Maintaining activity is important. But steps to sum degree are not really formal exercise, and aren’t always providing a massive calorie return. This doesn’t make you inactive. It means you are moving quiet a bit but not at high intensities. Walking is a low intensity activity.

Find a place to start. If you use this for macro or carb needs you may need to simply try somewhere and stick to it. If it seems high don’t under estimate you activity out of fear of needing more food…. Thats not the point. And don’t over estimate for your ego.

YOU CANNOT KNOW till you collect data + your body responds.

If you’re still struggling with this — hire a coach. I love ya, but that’s really the solution if you can’t figure it out on your own are are still frustrated.

TLDR; attempt 3 at yesterday’s post. I cannot give individual recommendations w/o more info. A calculator is a best guess. Start somewhere and adjust as needed.

No more future questions please😂🙌🏻💕

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