8 Reminders You May Need

Sunday scarries got you down?⁣

Well while you’re there what if you brought down that barrier to entry you’re setting for your self too. ⁣

See what I did there? DOWN, lower. I’ll be here all week.⁣

I love learning more about you guys + my community here. But one common theme I see over and over — you’re expecting your self to either be the 1) extreme of what your trying to do 2) an expert/great when just starting.⁣

We don’t become better runners, fitter, good at business, “outdoorsy”, stronger, faster, smarter, whatever it is by WAITING till we become those things.⁣

We become those things by STARTING before we’re ready, or great, or have it all figured out.⁣

& so much of this likely comes from many things like perfectionism, not trusting your self to actually do the damn thing, etc. But also comparing YOUR DAY ONE to someone else’s day 1000 or 2000.⁣

It also creates the idea you have to be GREAT at something or extreme within it to enjoy it. Which isn’t true!⁣

All those arbitrary rules out there that leave us frozen from starting? Yeah — those are fake. Self created. Or shitty society messaging inflicted.⁣

What if this week you removed the pressure?⁣
You went for a slow run?⁣
You went to a local park?⁣
You tried the body weight workout at home?⁣
You made that first post?⁣

& what if you did it for you— instead of anyone else?⁣

What would you do this week? 👇🏻

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