5 Skills to Practice while Working out from Home

WORKING OUT FROM HOME // as second lock downs or gym closing occurs, we’re all thrusted back to our March realities. But this time — the cold is coming and it’s only getting colder. Mixed with pandemic fatigue were all just over it.⁣

I’m not saying our feelings of no motivation, lack of daylight or working out from home sounding like the last thing we want to do are invalid. They are valid. I would rather drag my body through glass that workout at home — I get it.⁣

Instead, if we are making the choice to workout from home — what I am going to say is this — with all the tough love in the world.⁣

If you’re worried you lack enough weights but haven’t mastered every skill and/or aspect of fitness you DO have something to work on. I spent all of my lock downs this year working on handstand push-ups. This gave me a goal, and something fun to do as well. ⁣

Here are 5 skills you can practice:

1. Pushups

2. Handstands

3. CoreWe can use this time to work on the things we neglect like core work, that “mobility” were so obsessed with asking about or simply hanging out in our squats more and working on that depth we’ve been neglecting (** note parallel is fine, I’m just making a point).⁣

4. Squats

5. Endurance or work capacity. Most of us who are heart broken over gym closing are all major muscle heads. The hard reality is we all are limited or lack endurance or work capacity to some degree. This IS something we can improve assuming we have access to safe outdoor spaces and it isn’t un-safe cold by you. Or indoors metcon/circuit workouts when programmed well can kick your ass. ⁣

It isn’t going to be a sexy or fun. It’s okay to accept our at home workouts WONT be the same. But ALLLL OF US, unless you’re maybe Matt Frazier — are lacking something in our fitness. And if you’re moving for mental healthy right now — then it ALL counts ♥️ + give your self some grace. ⁣

No fitness is wasted.⁣
There’s always skills to be gained. ⁣
Not all fitness is developed with heavy lifting.⁣

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