3 Trail Running + Ultra Lies

Yesterday on my story I asked you guys your biggest lies and self limits around trail running.⁣

First I have to say because some of the responses were a lot of complaints about not linking it but hear me out THAT IS OKAY! You don’t HAVE to trail run or anything if you don’t want to!⁣

BUT if you want to I wanted to address 3 major “lies” and misconceptions I see around this 🤍⁣

1) You DONT have to run a marathon before running an ultra. You WILL need to accumulate a few 18-24 miles runs in training but you don’t HAVE to have ran 26.2 before your first 50k. In fact you can just think of a 50k as as the “trail marathon”! I ran my first marathon IN my first 50k!⁣

2) You have to be a really good runner before trail running. NOPE! I do highly recommend you gaining experience + fitness + time on feet before diving into ultra distances. But to start trail running or racing you DONT need to be a super fast or super talented runner. There such a wide variety of bodies + fitness trail run! And — hiking doesn’t mean you suck. It often is a important approach!⁣

3) You DONT need access to trial every day or always to train for trail races. You can 100% road run and still trail run, mix the two, or only run on the weekends on trail. While I recommend some trail experience because it is a skill — there’s a ton of ways to build strength in your trail running with roads + lifting!⁣

Trail/ultra running can seem really intimidating or seem super bad ass. But really — it’s a lot of weirdos just running around outdoors for fun, eating pop tarts and having fun.⁣

If you feel stuck, and want to start but don’t really know how — check out ULTRA. My trial running specific guide meant to be paired with ENDURE or used on its own. Teaching you skills like how to train for vertical gain while living somewhere flat, suggested strength training, how to find trails, what gear to get and saftey precautions to take!⁣

Do you trail run? Why or why not!? 🏃🏼‍♀️🤟🏻

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