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2 Truths for Female Trainees

What this post isn’t: shaming you for being a beginner and moving in a way that feels accessible OR learning your way around the gym and gaining comfort with moments.

That is totally okay. And I 12/10 would rather you do something that gets you moving that isn’t “as ideal” than nothing at all.

But with that being said for female trainees — or all 😉— a large market of training is based on ~fitspo~ fun combo moves that are marketed as functional or extra beneficial or more bang for your Buck. A lot of easy low barrier to entry cheap programs are filled with these.

NOW this isn’t me suggesting you need to spend $$$ on no nonsense training, but often these programs are cheap, mass produced, and an entertainment method at best. Again if they get you moving that is OK!

But I see way too many young women in fitness spaces doing squat to shoulder press (NOT a heavy thruster), RDL to bicep curl, lunge to bicep curl STILL.

These moves end up under-loading one body part due to the limits of the other. So you’re OFTEN under loading your lower body or over loading your upper body.

You’re far better off SEPARATING them into 2 different exercises.

Along with this— you’ll notice with many of these moments or non specific training you feel “bored” or don’t need a lot of rest or are going through the motions for a few sets and calling it a day.

If we want to make real progress in either strength or muscle gain we want a program or style of training that is more than a quick multi movement under loaded lift. It’s OK to start there. But when you are ready to move the needle forward you want to focus on individual and intentionally programmed movements, that are at a load the requires focus and effort to execute (~7-9/10 effort).

Instead of 3×8 squat to bicep curl think 3×6 back squat @ 8/10 effort and accessories of 3×8-10 @ 8-9/10 effort.

It’s hard to increase weight and make progress when you’re choosing movements that under-load you. & it’s hard to enjoy lifting when you’re not giving yourself a fair chance to focus + execute + enjoy it.

All which leads us closer to the lane of true gains 💪🏻. You’ve got this!

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